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I love deviant and all but it is sooo being a bitch today.
It's all "timed out" and it's taken all friggin day to log in.
what's the deal?...

I went to a Rugby game today at Dyl's school.The weather was suck-ass
but the game was actually good.They kicked ass 65 -0...
I took the old 35 mm camera,as D. hogs the fucking Canon Rebel.
Some of his shots were quite good. I think, no I feel like I got some good shots,
especially kinda coming right at me. I'm pissed because  after shooting,when I went
to wind up the roll,it was not feeling right. Luckily, I waited till I got home
to see the problem:the fucking film just broke off the cannister part and was
stuck on the take up reel.I worked in the dark of my sweatshirt to get it off, wrap
it back up,and can it in black, electrical tape cannister...maybe it worked,
I really hope so,I will be rather despondent if it failed.

I never get to use the Canon Rebel,and it's getting on my nerves.
This weather ..I have had enough rain, bring me Spring,
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April 18, 2007


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